Retirement 20/20 is an initiative sponsored by the Society of Actuaries’ Pension Section. The initiative, first started in 2006, brings together experts interested in and impacted by retirement issues in order to design new retirement systems from the ground up that better meet the economic and demographic needs for the 21st century in North America. The initiative generated a series of papers and conferences in the 2007-2010 timeframe, culminating in a “call for models” of new retirement design. These proposed retirement designs were published in 2010 and are available here.

Although the call for models in the first phase of Retirement 20/20 did not specify which types of plans to consider in the proposed models, the proposed designs in the resulting papers were most applicable to single employer plans in the private sector. Because public plans were not addressed specifically and because they have drawn significant attention and become a larger portion of the pension landscape over the last ten years, the Pension Section has concluded that public pension plans would be the focus of the next phase of the initiative.

The current phase of the initiative is calling for models of proposed retirement systems that will address the issues faced by public pension plans and their sponsors. Information about this call for plan models, including general content guidelines, resources and background, timeframe and contacts are available in the main call for models document available by clicking here.

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