Retirement 20/20 Symposium - New Designs for a New Century

Barbara Jordan Conference Center, Washington, DC

June 2-3, 2010


Wednesday June 2

Time Session Description Speakers
8:00 Breakfast & Registration  

Opening Session

The session will provide an overview of the Retirement 20/20 project and the Call for Models and set that work within the current US retirement policy discussions. In addition we will discuss key insights gained through the Call for Models process.


  • Marcus Robertson, Robertson, Eadie & Associates; SOA Pension Section Council Chair


10:15 Break  

Prize Winning Papers I: Improving Retirement System Integration

This session will feature two of the prize winning papers: The Total Career Benchmark Model, by Thomas Walker and The SERIOUS System: A New Model for Retirement Income Success, by Ken Beckman.


  • Cindy Levering, immediate past Chair, SOA Pension Section Council




Lunch with Keynote Speaker: J. Mark Iwry, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Treasury and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Retirement and Health Policy, US Department of the Treasury


Prize Winning Papers II: Improving Retirement Plan Outcomes by Managing Risk

This session will feature the final two prize winning papers: The Tracker Plan: A Controlled Risk Defined-Contribution Retirement Program, by Rowland Davis and Affordable Retirement Income through Savings and Annuities, by Donald Fuerst.


  • Gerry Schnurr



  • Brett Hammond, TIAA-CREF
  • Andrew Biggs, American Enterprise Institute
3:00 Break  

Theme I: New Design Ideas for the Build-up Phase

This is the first of four theme sessions focusing on specific ideas from Call for Models papers and other sources. This first theme session considers the best ways to build retirement income. Specific topics this session may cover include defaults versus the use of mandates, appropriate level of benefits and the use of targets, role of the employer and cost sharing, and the ability of systems to handle unexpected events (market or otherwise).



4:45 Panel Ends  

Networking Reception

Location: National Press Club



Thursday June 3

Time Session Description Speakers
8:00 Breakfast  

Theme II: New Design Ideas for the Payout Period

This second theme session looks at new ideas for managing the payout period of retirement. Specific topics this session may cover include the methods for generating income in retirement including the merits of annuitization versus lumps sums versus other means for dealing with longevity risk. Additional discussion about income solutions may cover methods for sharing risk, making options mandatory versus voluntary, taxation treatment and dealing with indexation in retirement.


  • Anna Rappaport, Anna Rappaport Consulting


  • Robert Friedland, Georgetown University
  • Donald Fuerst, Mercer
  • Chris O’Flinn, ELM Income Group
  • Joe Tomlinson, Tomlinson Financial Planning
9:40 Break  

Theme III: Use of Markets with New Retirement Designs

The third theme session considers how to better use markets in managing retirement risk. This session will cover topics like the treatment of risk including pooling and hedging, the use of TIPS and other fixed income vehicles, ideas for better rebalancing to limit downside risk and ensuring proper governance.


  • Anne Button, Deloitte


  • Zvi Bodie, Boston University
  • Jeremy Gold, Jeremy Gold Pensions
  • Donald Fuerst, Mercer
  • Tom Lowman, Bolton Partners
  • John Woyke, Woyke & Company



Theme IV: The Role of Standardization & Centralization in Future Benefit Management

The last theme session considers the role of standardization and centralization in developing sustainable retirement programs. The session will discuss the role standardization can play in benefit design, role of stakeholders and impact on administration. Other discussion topics may include the role of centralization and how it may or may not impact sponsorship and coverage.


  • Eric Keener, Hewitt Associates


  • Elizabeth Bauer, Hewitt Associates
  • Rowland Davis, RMD Pension Consulting/li>
  • Karen Friedman, Pension Rights Center/li>
  • Mark Ugoretz, The ERISA Industry Committee/li>
  • Thomas Walker, consulting actuary/li>

Closing Session: Where Do We Go From Here?

This session will wrap-up the discussions from the conference taking a future-oriented focus as we think about the lessons from Retirement 20/20 and next steps. Our panelists will address questions such as:

  • What are short-term fixes that are politically feasible for improving the system today?
  • What needs to change to make big-picture changes?
  • How might we transition from here to there?
  • Is there consensus regarding the role of guarantors?
  • What is the role of tax policy in retirement policy (do we even have a national retirement policy)?


  • Emily Kessler, Society of Actuaries


  • Janice Gregory, National Academy of Social Insurance
  • Diane Oakley, Legislative Advisor to Representative Earl Pomeroy
  • Anna Rappaport, Anna Rappaport Consulting
  • Dallas Salisbury, Employee Benefit Research Institute
2:45 Closing Remarks/Wrap up (end at 3:00)  

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