Final Winning Papers Available

Congratulations to Ken C. Beckman, Rowland M. Davis, Donald E. Fuerst and Thomas J. Walker.

A total of 18 papers were submitted in response to the Retirement 20/20 call for models to consider ways to reform the retirement system. Most designs were similar to a defined-contribution plan, in that the individual and employer make a contribution into an account each year. But the similarities ended there.

Common themes running through the papers include:

  • Focusing retirement accumulations on income provided
  • Some designs require or default individuals to take a portion of their benefit as income.
  • Preselecting investment mixes
  • Building some variability into retirement income.
  • Changing the role of the employer.
  • More standardization within the system.
  • A two-layer system.
  • The cost of the plan would be borne by employers and employees.

Download the Final Winning Papers:

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